West of the Divide

Book Series

Sentimental, nostalgic and often gritty, the West of the Divide series gives an honest and unfiltered view into the new American struggle after World War II.

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Yavapai County Line

Facing the challenges of an ever-changing landscape and a world thrust into the turmoil of war, the Stewart and Hanson families of Prescott, Arizona enter a time of uncertainty. Romance, history and Americana combine to create a nostalgic view into family life of the early 1900’s.

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People of the Sun

Continuing the saga of the Stewart and Hanson families, People of the Sun offers page-turning drama tinged with profound romanticism. As the families grow, each moves headlong into the tumultuous times of the late 1950’s and early ‘60s. The quaint mountain town of Prescott, Arizona continues to serve as a backdrop to the promise of the American Dream, as well as its pitfalls and disappointments, lived out in vivid color by the later generations of the People of the Sun.

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Dance at Sunrise

Dance at Sunrise is the exciting third book in the West of the Divide series and continuing saga of the Hanson family. The Hanson’s youngest son Soren, a talented song writer, is rescued from obscurity by Alondra Jefferson, and reunited with members of his band Tumbleweed. His lead guitarist, Mark Best, is the father Emilia has never been allowed to know. As she grows into maturity in the midst of the Southern California music scene Emilia falls desperately in love with a young self-destructive musician from her past, Eric Shipman. Lost in the midst of the tumultuous love affair, she returns home alone and pregnant from her tour of Europe.

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The Series

Spanning the first half of the 20th century, the West of the Divide Book Series chronicles the Stewart and Hanson families in realistic, sometimes glaring light, giving readers a true sense of the drama many families experienced during what is arguably America’s most transformative eras.

The Author

Award-winning visual artist, Alex Graham, spent many years working as an art educator and touring the Western US promoting his artwork. Always intrigued by American history, and moved by personal love stories, Graham combined his two interests to create a heartfelt glimpse into the average American family, highlighting its growing pains and triumphs.


Eager to connect with readers and fans, AG Graham invites your questions and comments regarding his work and writing process or about the West of the Divide book series. Interact with the author through email and written correspondence for a unique glimpse into past and future work.

Unique Experiences, Struggles and Dreams.